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Reiki Infused Restorative Yoga Workshop

We have partnered with bee humble yoga studio in Dallas, Ga to bring you a 2 - hour Restorative Yoga and Reiki Workshop!

Join Shinpiden Reiki Master, Emily Manchester with Mending Hands Reiki for a 2-hour Restorative Yoga infused with Reiki Energy, a sound bath and meditation.

This workshop will begin with Guided Breathwork for the practice before combining the relaxing, fully supported practice of yoga, hands-on Reiki Energy Healing, Crystal Sound Bowl Therapy, Guided Reiki Mediation, and Aromatherapy with essential oils.

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique known for relaxation and stress relief. It is based on an idea of the unseen “Universal Life Force Energy” that flows through the human body and is administered with gentle touch and by placing hands on different areas of that body that may need healing.

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