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Learn Reiki Healing

A group of women holding reiki certificates.

Hands - On Reiki Classes

Our classes and workshops are open to anyone eager to learn and experience energy healing to treat oneself and others. Anyone can learn to practice Reiki.

No special skills, prior experience, or educational degrees are required.
Reiki is not “taught,” but rather is transferred to the student during a Reiki class. Through a series of initiations administered by a Shinpiden Reiki Master, the flow of Reiki energy within the student is activated, which allows the student to then facilitate the flow of Reiki energy to themselves and others. We follow the traditions of our lineage (Hawayo Takata) and the discipline of Usui Shiki Ryoho, the Usui System of Natural Healing.  

These in-person classes give students the opportunity to build connections within the community, take an in-depth look at each Usui Reiki Level and receive the appropriate attunements, which initiate students into each Usui Reiki Level.


Students will observe Usui Reiki techniques being demonstrated by Reiki Master(s) and fellow students. There will be hands-on practice of techniques, drawing of the sacred symbols, instructor led meditations, class discussion, and we will go over any questions students may have. During the Master Level III Reiki Class and Teacher Training Course the students will be attuned to the Master Symbol and then will demonstrate and be guided in the Attunement of others.


Initiations are a part of the process of reconnection to Spirit and a beginning of a new or renewed walk down the path of life. Many doors are opened in this sacred ritual. Many past students have asked to rejoin these ceremonies so that they can experience this special occasion. If you are thinking about taking a Reiki class, then know that the healing energies that you were born with will only expand as Reiki begins to flow through your body, soul, and spirit.

Blessings on your Journey!

In-Person Reiki Classes

A woman with a hand on her forehead.

Reiki Level I

An older woman with short gray hair.

Reiki Level II

A man laying down with hands near his temples.

Reiki Level III

Begin your Healer journey by learning to heal yourself and your loved ones with Usui Reiki. This is for beginners being introduced to Reiki as a practitioner.

Level II is for those who have completed Level I of Reiki in the past and are ready to take their practice to the next level.

The final master class of Reiki. This is for those who have completed Reiki Levels I & II previously and want to become Reiki Master Practitioners.

Reiki Downloads

Our Clients Say

"Emily is awesome! I received my Level One Usui Reiki Training through her and it was a pure blessing. She is amazing at what she does."


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