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Moving As Energy

Energy is always vibrating, it is always moving, shifting, and changing. As energy beings we are always moving at our core yet as beings in a body we somehow forgot how important it is to be in movement. We’ve either been on autopilot a lot of our lives moving against the rhythm of our own bodies and/or we’ve allowed ourselves to be this slow-moving energy with sedentary careers, unable to move towards our goals, speak our truth, do what we love and so many other things. We’ve grown quite accustomed and at some level may think that it’s normal but it’s very much the opposite.

Our bodies were meant to move inside and out and not just carelessly move but flow and move to the rhythm of who we are as Purity, as Love, as Light and as Peace. As we continue to remember and embody who we truly are movement becomes a very integral part of our existence.

As you start to ascend you start to realize that moving your energy is a huge part of the process that assists you in exiting the old 3D and 4D realms and shifting completely into 5D (5 Dimensional) and above.

Physical Movement

We will start with the most common way to move energy and that is by physically moving your body. Your body was meant to move, shift, stretch and bend in a flow. At the beginning this doesn’t mean you have to become a marathon runner or a triathlon competitor this simply means allowing yourself to move your body in whatever way you are guided to. You could be leaning towards doing yoga, or joining a dance class or hiking, it really doesn’t matter it is simply what your body is guiding you to do in that movement. Don’t get a fixed or attached to anything as this can shift and change, remember you are an energy being and therefore it is normal for you to move and shift and not create a routine if you’re not guided to. The more you allow your body to guide you the easier it will be to embody this energy fully.

As you continue to open up more to this flow you may start to get guided to move out old energy inside your home, office, environment or any part of your physical reality. This is also a huge part of the process. Everything physical that is attached to the old at any level will keep you bound to the old and we must be willing to move it out as we are guided. The more we move out all old, heavy, constraining physical energy from our reality the more room we are creating to allow the new energy to come forth.

There comes a phase in our journey where we will also be called to take the next “big move”. That may mean spending more time in nature by physically traveling to a sacred site, or a national park, or the ocean and very possibly re-locating there at some point in your journey. If we live in big cities, we must completely move out of the density of the urban city and be willing go with the flow. Nature offers the energies and frequencies needed for our entire body and field to fully disconnect, de-tach, un-cord, and un-plug from the old matrix system. I like to refer to the quote that says, you can’t solve a problem with the same mindset that created it, well this is true for ourselves as we are ascending, we can’t fully shift out of the lower realms if we are physically “stuck” in them, you literally how to move out of them by being in a place that fully supports you as Light. There are just too many old constructs and fear based systems in a physically dense location that we must move out in order to actually experience the beauty and magic of being surrounded by nature and all organic elements. It is truly how you start to anchor Heaven on Earth inside of your body.

Emotional Movement

Now we move into the next part of moving as energy which entails our emotional body. All of us at some levels have suppressed emotions and have held on to beliefs that are very constraining and contrasting to who we truly are, and this must shift. As we start to open more, we start to remember that feeling is such a normal part of who we are as sentient beings, and we do more harm to ourselves by keeping this energy in instead of moving it out. It’s very similar to taking out your trash, we all accumulate trash daily and every day or however often one does, we get all our trash together in a big trash bag and we take it out to the dumpster, or we put it outside our home to get picked up. This is exactly how we should treat our emotions, instead of keeping them all piled up inside we must re-learn how to move it out of our bodies. Sometimes this is best done through feeling it and allowing the tears to flow out, sometimes going out for a walk-in nature or swimming to clear it out, sometimes yelling, singing, or even throwing pillows at a wall can greatly assist in shifting out the emotional energy that has built up inside. It doesn’t matter how you do it, it just matters that you do because the more we keep it in and suppress it the heavier it becomes and the more barriers and blocks we create for ourselves that can affect many areas of our lives.

Our bodies were meant to move inside and out and not just carelessly move but flow and move to the rhythm of who we are as Purity, as Love, as Light and as Peace.

Mental Movement

As we begin to expand our consciousness, we also start to expand our minds and beliefs which play a big part of the mental movement. We’ve programmed this reality with very limiting beliefs and ways of existing that as we start to stretch our own mindset and expand our own perceptions, we start to move out of those limiting constructs into those that expand our mind.

Yes, our minds can be very strong and stubborn at times, and this is where moving our emotions out is going to go hand in hand with expanding our mind. Most of our beliefs are attached to an emotion and the more we feel the emotion and clear it out the more we start to dissolve all beliefs. This is where the real fun begins, this is where we start to realize that we literally have no limits and we start to dream big, open up to new possibilities and new opportunities, we open up new portals and doors and start to quantum jump in every way we can imagine.

Our imagination plays a big role in this part and the more we use our imagination to start creating our new realities the more open we will be to receiving the guidance we need to materialize them.

The more we open our minds, shift our perspectives and clear all of our old limiting beliefs the freer we become to recreating our entire reality that is fully aligned with our Soul’s purpose and New Earth.

Energetic Movement

Energetic or etheric movement is always occurring because everything at its core is just energy, but I wanted to include a separate section to go into energy clearing. This can be done without a lot of physical movement and solely through intention like meditation, imagination, resting, sleeping, daydreaming, getting a massage and so many other ways as well. Just because we are not physically moving our bodies does not mean we are not moving energy out but quite the opposite. In fact, by not moving and just allowing and intending the energy to shift, move and clear we can focus more intently on what we are trying to accomplish, and this can yield very powerful results. Remember that everything happens energetically first before materializing into form, so we must be able to re-calibrate and re-code our field, our bodies, our cells, our DNA at a quantum level to create things in our physical reality. The less constrictions we have, the less limiting beliefs we hold, the less 3D constructs we operate from the easier and faster things occur energetically and physically which is why it’s so important to take account of all the other movement techniques that I mentioned earlier.

Every type of movement holds very specific keys and codes that will unlock more and more inside so that we can be fully and totally free as the energy beings that we are. We are not meant to be bound by the old restrictions, we aren’t meant to be held back by old limitations, we aren’t meant to be stuck and stagnant, we are meant to be free and fly and float as that is who we are at our core. The more you allow yourself to move in every way the more you will set yourself free and you’ll be creating the most magical and beautiful realities in your personal life in all levels.

It’s time and you’re ready.

Guest Author:

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