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New Beginnings: Cleansing A New Home To Invite Positive Energy Into Your Space

Whether you’re moving to a new rental in Chicago or across the country from Boston to the west coast, a new home symbolizes a fresh start. But before you can put down roots in your new digs, you’ll want to make sure that your home is set up for success right from the get-go. From lingering emotions left behind by previous tenants to the emotional and physical stress of moving, addressing these energies from the start will ensure you’re flushing out the bad to make room for the good. To help you get started, we reached out to experts to guide you through cleansing a new home to start on a clean slate and build positive energy. Here’s how you can achieve a lighter, brighter space. Start with a clean slate when cleansing a new home

1) SET THE RIGHT INTENTION BY SHARING MESSAGES OF GRATITUDE WITH YOUR NEW HOME Before moving a single item into your new home, take some time to be silent and walk around from room to room, feeling it out. Share messages of gratitude with your new home, such as "Thank you for providing a safe space for me and my family" or "Thank you for being my new home." Lastly, to help clear the space, burn some sage or incense around the house, and then make an intention that your new home will be a place of love and light. -Kukan Reiki Kai

2) CREATE A POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT BY INTRODUCING YOURSELF TO THE SPACE If your new house is not a brand new construction, chances are that its energy is filled with information about the personality and history of the previous dwellers. When we move into a new house, it's advisable to 'introduce' ourselves to the house so that its energy can work harmoniously with our biofield - or energy body. In a few words, we need to sync with the house by expanding our energy body and allowing the house's energy to get adjusted to us and, therefore, start working for our health and wellbeing.

The most effective exercise to introduce ourselves to a new home is also quite fun: sit or stand next to a corner of your bedroom and take a mental picture of the space in front of you. Imagine yourself shifting out from your physical body. Explore every corner of the room but stay within the area of the room. Touch walls, curtains, furniture, and any other object around and feel their temperature and texture. After 5 minutes, gently get back into your body, take a sip of fresh water, and do the same sitting or standing in the opposite corner of the room to cover the whole room's space. Repeat the exercise in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, and any other areas of the house you expect to dwell in the most.

Over the days, you can redo this 'biofield establishment' exercise as many times as you like. The more, the better. Clearing the history and identity of previous dwellers will make your house a brand new construction energetically and ready to be filled with your own energy without that of other people interfering with such an exciting new chapter and path of your life. -Biofield Medical 3) DEEP CLEAN AND DECLUTTER YOUR NEW SPACE I would recommend doing a detailed cleaning using natural cleaners and essential oil to cleanse and bless your new home. Open the windows to invite in fresh new energy, let any old, stale energy out, and play music that lifts your spirits. As you work, connect with your home energetically and let it know that you're there to take care of it just as it'll protect and take care of you. After you clean, be mindful of fixing broken things as soon as possible and avoid collecting clutter. -Gael Wood

4) KEEP THE SPACE OPEN AND AIRY If you're having constant issues while renovating your space, then this can indicate stuck energy that is being released that needs to be cleared. We have discovered that a clearing during renovations speeds up the renovation process as it removes the blockages that prevent progress. Here are ways to start clearing your space:

  • donate or give away unwanted objects with strong negative emotions attached

  • fix or replace broken objects

  • fix damp problems

  • plant flowers in your garden or window boxes

  • place your favorite flowers in rooms around your home

  • create a sacred space in your home where you burn incense and light candles

  • move your furniture around regularly – this keeps the energy flowing and helps clear stagnant energy and dust bunnies.

Every person who visits your home space or has previously lived in your home space, depending on their energy polarity, leaves some of their stuff behind or drains some of the good energy. For instance, if the house has had negative, angry residents, they'll leave that energy behind, creating the same emotional patterns in your home and your life. -Essence Energetics Cleanse your new home with these techniques 5) PICK AN IDEAL TIME TO DO A HOUSE CLEANSING Ideally, you could do this during a full or new moon. However, anytime is great for cleansing your new home, especially after events you hold in your home with different peoples' energy being introduced into your space. The best method to clear the space of negative energy is to use a smudge spray. I also like to burn Palo Santo, Sage, and Dragon's Blood incense to clear my home. Don’t forget to leave a window open for any negative energy to escape through. -Mending Hands Reiki

6) USE A SMUDGING RITUAL TO CLEAR THE ENERGY IN YOUR NEW HOME To cleanse the energy in your home, light a stick of sage, and walk throughout your entire home. As you walk around the home, make sure to direct the smoke into all those easy-to-miss areas like closets, window sills, and corners. Also, keep your intention of cleansing the space with love and light in mind. -Reiki with Ann

7) SAY A SIMPLE BLESSING TO MAINTAIN POSITIVE ENERGIES Try this five-second ritual to bless your home. This is a practice I do every morning to help maintain the positive energy of my home. To bless your home (or any space), simply call in the light by saying, "I now call in the light and ask that it illuminate my home so that no darkness may dwell. In doing so, I'm creating a holy and sanctified space so much so that anyone who steps foot on this property shall also be blessed. And so it is." Close your eyes and see white light filling your home as you say these words. -Kelly Bramblett

8) CLEANSE YOUR NEW HOME WITH SALT To cleanse a new home, fill a bowl with warm water, add a tablespoon of salt, and stir counterclockwise. Bring the bowl to the front door, sprinkle your saltwater across the threshold, and say, "I cleanse this home from negativity in the past, present, and future." Move counterclockwise around your home and sprinkle at every door, window, and mirror on each floor. Finish your cleansing at your front door and say, "This house is clean, and I bless it and all who enter here with love. -Reiki Artist Beth Hansen

9) BRING JOY, ENERGY, AND MOVEMENT INTO YOUR HOUSE WITH SOUND Laugh and dance your way through the entranceway, down the hallways, through the kitchen, living rooms, and bedrooms. Ring bells, show the house you are happy to be there - it will respond in kind -Feng Shui Naturally

10) CREATE A WELCOMING ENVIRONMENT To cleanse your new home, call in Archangel Michael to clear away any negative energy and simultaneously fill your new home with peaceful angelic energies. You may also want to use White Sage (liquid spray or herb), Palo Santo, Reiki energy, or bells to lift the energy and create a more inviting environment for both yourself and your guests. -Angels Talk

11) CLEANSE YOUR NEW HOME WITH GREENERY AND SOUND Place fresh flowers around their new home, play your favorite song to dance to, and dance around or sing if you can't dance. When you sing, you place vocal energy in your home, branding your voice vibrationally. If you notice any areas of your home that are colder or creepier than the other spaces of your home, call a professional home energy therapist like a Reiki Master or a professional dowser. They can clear your home, bless your home, and place powerful protection of obsidian stones blessed with light energies around your home to keep the healing and peaceful light energies in and the darker energies out. -Holy Love Reiki Place crystals strategically around your new home 12) CLEANSE YOUR NEW HOME WITH BLACK TOURMALINE Black tourmaline protects against any negative energies such as electromagnetic frequencies, stagnant energy, and even negative attitudes. Place a crystal in each corner of the house and by the door to prevent negative energies from entering the home. -Reiju


  1. Clear and purify energy coming into your home by placing a piece of Selenite near the front door passage so that anyone entering your space is cleared immediately. Selenite is a crystal known for clearing any negative energy and bringing peace and calm.

  2. Grid your home to contain all the goodness within your walls so nothing untoward can penetrate your beautiful space. You'll need to clear and program 8 Lemurian Quartz point crystals. Place each in all the corners of your home, covering the directions and cross directions. - Maria Heals

14) BALANCE ENERGY FREQUENCIES WITH QUARTZ CRYSTALS According to science, matter is 99.9999999% energy, including our spaces and us. Lasting wellbeing implies distilling imbalanced energy. Quartz crystals balance frequencies inside our modern technology. I recommend placing clear quartz crystals in the shape of clusters or crystal points at the entrance, dining room, home office, and bedroom. - Beatriz Singer Home

15) CLEANSE AND BLESS A NEW HOME WITH A COMBINATION OF CRYSTALS 1) Place a Selenite wand above your doorway to clear any unwanted vibes out. 2) Place a Black Tourmaline in each of the four corners outside your home to protect its perimeter. 3) Keep a Rose Quartz by the front door and in the living room to invoke loving energy.

16) PAIR HEALING CRYSTALS WITH GOOD INTENTIONS The key to using crystals to cleanse and protect any living space is the power of one's intentional mind paired with the crystal's energy. Natural home crystal up-lifters include Black Tourmaline for transmutation and absorption of negative energy paired with Selenite for cleansing and purification. Place a pair at the entrance and exit to clear all energies as they enter and leave your sacred living space. - Live True

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