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What Is Distance Reiki?

Have you ever walked into a room and something just didn’t feel quite right? Or maybe the opposite, you feel overjoyed and comfortable around certain people. Science has proven we are made up of cells with synapses that are firing electric impulses constantly. So, if we are made up of energy and our energy is out of alignment our cells are going to be affected negatively. Reiki helps to balance this energy within and directly around the body, thus placing the body in a state of healing.

The word Reiki derives from the Japanese words ‘REI’ (Universal) ‘KI’ (Life force energy). ‘Ki’ is the same concept of ‘Chi’ and/or ‘Prana’. Reiki is used as a form of therapy for various healing methods such as stress reduction, relaxation, and pain relief.

Distance Reiki Healing is a technique within the Reiki Practice. Distance Reiki Healing allows a practitioner to send healing beyond the limitations of space and time from anywhere in the world. This occurs because energy does not follow the rules of space and time.

To put it simply, it will enable the practitioner to send healing to an individual without being in the same room.

How will Distance Reiki help me?

In Reiki, we believe that all living beings have an energy field surrounding their body. Our thoughts, emotions, physical experiences all contribute to the energy field. However, over time this energy field can become stagnant an unbalanced, and the flow of energy can be lowered due to factors like emotional/physical stress, undergone some injury/ trauma, or just from day to day tedious activities. This can cause energy blockages, which will eventually result in illnesses. Distance Reiki can assist by removing these blockages and help promote healing by improving the flow of energy. In fact, this form of healing can be more powerful than in person healing because it accesses a different part of the Usui Reiki System.

Some of the Benefits of Distance Reiki:

  • Decreased Anxiety and Stress

  • Boosts your Immune System

  • Decreased Pain or Discomfort

  • Reduced Inflammation

  • Decreased Time in Healing from an Injury, Surgery and/or Illness

  • Increased Mental and Physical Energy

  • Increased Mental and Emotional Clarity

  • Increased Sense of Well-being and a feeling of Serenity

  • A Positive Shift in Health and Personal Relationships

  • Increased Personal Insight and Awareness

  • Increased ability to manage Changes and Assist in Personal Growth

  • Awaken or Strengthen your Intuition and Spiritual Connection

  • Cleanse, Clear and Transmute old Energies you no longer need to carry

  • Awaken you to your Inner Truth and Soul Purpose

  • Make Soul Connections

  • Help you Meditate

  • Strengthen your Soul Gifts

  • Revitalize, Rejuvenate, Regenerate, Refresh, Renew & Recharge you

  • Accept and Love yourself unconditionally

  • Increase Joy and Happiness

What to expect during a session?

Prior to the session, the practitioner will review the questionnaire provided online and that will help us better understand the client's need for each session.

The session is 30 - 60 minutes long, and the client schedules a date and time to connect on Zoom video with the practitioner. By allocating a time, the client can be in a receptive state, such as lying down or in an environment where the client will not be disturbed. However, the beauty of distance healing is that if the client has a busy schedule, they can go about their day as they usually do while receiving the Reiki Energy from the practitioner simultaneously.

As a result of Distance Reiki Healing, the client might feel tingling or a sense of warmth. They may also see colors or experience something that feels like warm waves all throughout the body. The client may also feel a great sense of calmness and relaxation during and/or after the treatment. There are instances where the client might not feel anything. This does not mean the healing has not worked. However, it is important to note that each experience varies according to the individual. Please reach out to us if you have any questions!

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