Self-healing Techniques Related to Healing Touch Therapy

Healing touch therapy has benefited countless people with a variety of medical conditions. One of the best things about it is that the self-healing techniques related to this kind of treatment can be performed in your own home. They can be used alone or incorporated with other energy techniques.

Types of self-healing techniques

The self-healing techniques that come with healing touch therapy are far more than just body stretches. They get us in touch with our deepest selves by reestablishing connections between important energy points. Here are just a few of them.

The “self-chakra connection”

This method of self-healing is designed to open up the chakras in the body and release energy, integrating your physical self with the energetic being that lives within all of us. This is a full- body technique that facilitates the movement of energy from chakra to chakra, connecting the major and minor energy centers and allowing them to flow freely.

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Using your imagination

Our minds are vastly powerful instruments. That’s why some self-healing techniques involve “mind over matter,” calling you to use the imagination to envision your body in perfect health. This process can be done alone or with a touch healing therapist for guidance. While this technique doesn’t claim to be a miracle cure, it does have an effect on relaxation. Imagining your body in the best of health removes pain and negative energy, leaving you feeling relaxed and peaceful.

Usui Reiki self-treatment

Like healing touch therapy, Usui Reiki involves laying the hands on the body in a prescribed pattern. It also channels the energy of life by allowing it to flow through the hands and into the person being treated. It is used as self-treatment before being used on others. The practice balances and strengthens body functions, sharpens self-awareness, and quiets the soul. It can be used in any situation or time when we have a moment to lay our hands on our body.

Rub your hands together

While Usui Reiki is a more involved form of self-healing touch therapy, there are simpler methods, such as rubbing your hands together for 30-60 seconds. This enables them to feel warm and alive, allowing you to become aware of your body, more in tune to the present moment, and therefore more relaxed.

Harness energy between your hands

Another easy self-healing technique involves holding your hands 6-8 inches apart, facing each other, and allowing yourself to feel the energy between them. This energy is always there, and you can feel it if you have the intention and awareness to harness it. As you feel this energy, allow yourself to tune into it—and don’t be afraid to feel powerful!

The road to self-discovery begins with you

Self-healing techniques include a wide spectrum of possibilities. They will not only leave you feeling more relaxed and at peace with the world; these techniques also enable you to harness the power and strength that is within us all—if we would only summon it.