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Why Do You Need Five Sessions to Get Started with Reiki?

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

For those just beginning their Reiki healing process, we ask for the opportunity to provide you with five sessions in a short amount of time, such as once a week to every two weeks, depending on our shared availability. This will reboot your energy centers and accelerate your healing process.

We develop these problems of emotional, physical, and mental dis-ease over a period of time. Thus, it is not surprising that we must work on these issues multiple times before we may see any relief. They didn’t develop overnight and there is no special formula or pill to take for healing. We must do the work together to obtain lasting results. The first session is just the introduction to healing with the Reiki energy, the body will often remain resistant to the flow of energy after this session, as we are just beginning to scratch the surface of the problem(s) within. During the second treatment the body can relax better and begin to receive more of the flow of the Reiki energy. The third, fourth and fifth sessions are usually extraordinarily strong and begin to lead us to the ultimate healing we want for each client.

After the first five sessions are completed, we ask clients to come once every month until they have achieved good and lasting results with which they are satisfied.

Stress is a well-documented factor in pain, illness, and overall wellness. The symptoms of many medical issues may improve with Energywork and Bodywork. The only way to discover any improvements you might get from these approaches is to try them. Sometimes getting noticeable results will take up to five sessions, but many feel the benefits begin that day. If a condition is caused by daily activities, such as chronic illness, driving for several hours a day, repetitive motion, or other chronic stressors, sessions may need to be ongoing.

Relaxation is a skill anyone can learn… But it takes practice, practice, practice, just like anything worth learning! Demanding that the body relax can actually increase stress, creating a fear of failure, and will place relaxation out of reach. Instead, we encourage you to show up exactly as you are and to observe yourself without judgment regarding how you are feeling. Together, we’ll create the conditions that enable relaxation. Clients who bring the desire and intention to relax will find that, with practice and over time, the benefits of the sessions begin lasting longer between each session.

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