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The Truth Behind The Misconceptions About Reiki Douglasville, GA

Perhaps you’ve heard of Reiki healing as it's becoming more and more popular as an alternative healing method. As an Eastern technique, you may have preconceived notions about Reiki before giving it a chance. When implemented in conjunction with Western medicine, Reiki can offer ways to open the body and mind to healing in a way that doctor offices and pharmacies simply can't. We are here to give you the facts so you can decide if you want to try it for yourself.

What Is Reiki? Reiki is a popular energy healing technique from Japan. A man named Mikao Usui developed the Reiki holistic approach to healing in the early 1900s.

The word Reiki derives from “Rei” or “Universal” and “Ki”, which is a phrase that refers to the universal energy that runs through all living things. Reiki emphasizes finding our place among the universe and other people to find an internal sense of belonging. Since Reiki applies to all living things, you can utilize it to help children, pets, and adults with special needs or health concerns. The idea behind Reiki is that people heal when they find internal and physical balance - putting the body and mind into a position for proper healing. When you connect the mind and the body, you can use that connection to promote advanced healing after an accident or illness.

Reiki is often used as a form of stress relief and medication-free mental health care for an overall well being. People see physical benefits out of it, too, such as increased energy and reduced physical pain. It doesn’t matter how minimal or serious the condition is - almost everyone can benefit from Reiki. Just don’t expect complete healing overnight. This is a process that requires multiple sessions to be effective.

Reiki should not replace traditional medication. Instead, use it in conjunction with medication or chemotherapy treatments, it can help you get through treatment, find serenity in the chaos, and promote overall wellness. Consider it an additional boost to your treatment instead of a replacement.

BENEFITS OF REIKI SESSIONS Reiki benefits affect the body, mind, and spirit without using medications. Medications come with side effects and a possible dependency. Reiki, on the other hand, only uses natural remedies that treat you from the inside out, even if it means you get healed to the point you no longer need frequent Reiki sessions.

Reiki treatments work best for people who want help healing after an accident or illness, people with chronic illness, and people who want to manage mental stress. Physical healing benefits include:

  • Enhanced immune system

  • Improved sleep

  • Weight control

  • Stress relief

  • Discover deep relaxation

  • Faster healing

  • Fewer side effects from medical treatments

Mental healing and emotional healing benefits include:

  • Improved clarity

  • Depression and anxiety management

  • Improved emotional energy

  • Connection between mind and body

Spiritual healing benefits include:

  • Improved ability to adjust to change

  • Measurable personal growth

  • Better relationships

  • Increased connection to your spiritual side

WHAT TO EXPECT DURING REIKI SESSIONS Reiki sessions generally occur at the wellness spa as the Reiki healers work hard to create the correct type of environment for healing. (If interested, read more about how to cleanse your home to invite positive energy to create an environment conducive to healing in your home).

Before your session, you will complete a questionnaire that provides information about your current health conditions and your health goals. For example, if you have neck pain and suffer from acne or respiratory conditions, all of these conditions should be mentioned in the questionnaire. The more detailed you are, the more your healer can help you during your session.

During healing sessions, a licensed Reiki practitioner will use touch therapy to transfer healing energy to you after getting you into a state of deep relaxation, sometimes using guided meditation or something known as an ethereal sound bath. Sound therapy is very successful at opening the chakras and restoring the mind body connection.

Once you entered a state of peaceful relaxation, your healer will focus on parts of the body connected to your unique goals. Touching may not take place directly on the affected area. Instead, the healer may focus on pressure points and other points of connection.

You should feel some positivity and even physical relief out of the first session. Most patients benefit from at least one session every week for 5 weeks. People may consider to prolong services after healing as a form of physical and mental maintenance.

Additional Types of Reiki Healing Your Reiki practitioner may utilize additional methods outside of simple touch therapy. Here are some of the services you may find available.

SALT CAVE OR OXYGEN BAR SESSION (HALOTHERAPY) Halotherapy, or oxygen therapy, refers to therapy that involves breathing air with salt particles in it. You can go to a salt cave or oxygen bar designed with healing in mind, or your Reiki healer may have a personal setup at their home.

The salt cave is an experience, and it looks great. You may forget that you’re there for healing at first.

The salt in the salt cave helps improve your breathing and the amount of oxygen in your blood, making it especially popular for people with respiratory issues.

Oxygen bars are less impressive looking, but they are more straightforward. When you arrive at the bar, you receive oxygen to improve your oxygen levels. Proper oxygen levels promote regular cell development and activity in your body, promoting healing.

LIGAM STEAM Specifically for men, ligam steam refers to the practice of sending steam that derives from a particular herb directly to the groin area. Some of the benefits of ligam steam include:

  • Softened pelvic floor

  • Reduced prostate issues

  • Increased pelvic bowl cleansing

  • Higher sex drive

FOOT DETOX The feet connect to the body in surprising ways backed by medical science. Reiki healers use the feet as an exit point for toxins in your body.

A foot detox means you soak your feet in a specific solution designed to remove toxins.

Cost of Reiki Sessions and Reiki Services in Douglasville Reiki practitioners understand that healing is a unique process that requires personalized treatment. See some of the different services (and prices) offered by Mending Hands:

  • Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki 60 minute Session - $85/hr.

  • Pediatric/Special Needs Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Children < 12 yo - $100/hr.

  • Distance Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Session: Pet or Person LIVE over Zoom/Phone - $60/30 min

  • Intuitive Card Reading One on One via Zoom/Phone - $60/hr

Certain services allow add-ons that can allow you to bundle services, such as:

  • Guided Meditation + Chakra Healing/Clearing With Essential Oils/Crystals + Crystal Singing Bowl Therapy + Healing On A Far Infrared Crystal Heating Mat - may add on to any one on one session

Benefits of Professional Reiki Sessions While a form of alternative medicine, certified Reiki healers train extensively and continue training regularly to stay up to date on the latest trends and techniques. Healers also learn a lot about the body and mind throughout their training. You are dealing with a professional.

Traditional methods of managing mental stress, such as therapy and medication, cost a lot more money than Reiki. You will have to pay for the therapy sessions as well as sessions with the psychiatrist and the money for your medication. Don’t forget any health conditions that occur as a result of medication side effects.

Most importantly, therapy and medication addresses your mental health alone and not your physical and spiritual health. Reiki treats you as a whole person and works hard to create a program for you and your health concerns.

Furthermore, you can also receive social benefits through Reiki as Reiki connects us all through the Universal energy we all share.

Sign Up For Reiki Sessions in Douglasville GA with Mending Hands Ready to try something new to treat your overall health and get closer to inner peace? Contact Mending Hands to book your first Reiki session

Booking your session is easy: select the services you want, complete the questionnaire, select the date, and finalize your appointment.

We can’t wait to meet you and watch you grow!

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