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Science and Energy Therapy

Does touch and energy healing really work? Healers and practitioners have been extolling the virtues of energy therapy for thousands of years and now science is starting to back it up. Many studies are beginning to show that energy therapies result in a reduction in pain, anxiety, cancer-related fatigue, quality of life, depression and improved energy. But in order to become more accepted by the scientific community at large, randomized clinical trials (RCT), which include a standardized protocol, must be undertaken as these are the gold standard of research.

Plenty of individual physicians such as Deepak Chopra that deal in both eastern and western type medicine affirmed the power of these healing modalities. A holistic physician who also subscribes to Western teachings, Deepak has said that science is starting to understand how energy healing works.

"It triggers your own healing system, which is called homeostasis," he said. Homeostasis is what tells your body to create an antibody when you have an infection, or a clot when you fall so that you don't bleed to death.” The body is always working on maintaining a state of homeostasis. Energy healing helps to facilitate what the body already knows, reminding it of its perfect state and how to get there.

According to tests carried out by scientific instruments (Magnetic Resonance Imaging -MRI -Gaussmeters and other EMF detectors) there are indications that there are electromagnetic fields around the human body and each of its organs that pulsate at different frequencies and remain within a specific frequency when they are healthy, but go outside it when they are not. With modern equipment and techniques we are now able to reliably measure that which we were only aware of on a spiritual level.

The future of energy healing in the field of science is a very exciting one, filled with many possibilities. Emerging research of innovative concepts is starting to reveal a new direction in healthcare. The practice of energy therapies is at the cutting edge of this new direction and needs to be studied more. While the research does not state that physics proves the existence of conscious energy, it does suggest that quantum principles provide a conceptual framework of contemporary science, that is, a point of reference.

The future can only bring more insight into the combined role of science and energy healing. As stated by Gallup “The focus of the 21st century may well be on the inner space. We are entering a new era of discovery—not of the world around us, but of the world within.”

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