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Benefits Of Using Reiki Principles To Boost Your Well-Being

Reiki comes from Japanese words: "rei" means the higher power, and "ki" means life source energy that animates every living thing.

What is Reiki? People ask. Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing therapy. It is an energy healing technique involving a Reiki master to guide the flow of life force energy. It can also be defined as a form of complementary medicine as it has proven to reduce stress and manage some chronic diseases.

Reiki is a form of complementary therapy, thus works alongside, not in place of other medical and therapeutic techniques.

Complementary and Integrative Health of National Center states that Reiki therapy guides energy throughout the body. It is now widely used for deep relaxation, stress reduction, and pain management, as a study conducted in March-April 2017 on Holistic Nursing Practice.

According to the Reiki Training International Center, Reiki treatment is based on the notion that we all have life forces or energy fields that keep us going, thus promoting good health by balancing these energy fields.

During a Reiki session, the Reiki practitioner places their hands on or just above your body to redirect energy. Research suggests that Reiki therapy helps reduce anxiety, pain relief, improve your self-esteem and a sense of well-being, and help with depression.

Randomized trials have shown that with a few more kinds of research, Reiki may also help reduce fatigue. A Reiki master at the center for integrative medicine explained that the body takes all energy and does whatever it wants.

Research shows that a single Reiki session may help your autonomic nervous system, the primitive part of your nervous system that does not need your control, move from a sympathetic-dominant state to a parasympathetic-dominant state. The brain sends signals through your autonomic nervous system to the body to stimulate the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and digestion.

Reiki is principle-based, just like any other spiritual practice. These Reiki principles guide you in connecting with your Reiki energy which may help boost your sense of well-being by focusing on the present moment.

Reiki Principles

Reiki has only five principles that guide you to healing and balancing your Reiki energy. They are;


Anger is a normal feeling triggered by many different scenarios. Reiki maintains that anger comes from angry energy within. This principle encourages you to recognize anger and let it go, allowing you to invite happiness into your life.


We mostly worry about things that are yet to happen. Worry energy within can produce negative emotions. However, Reiki helps you release this negative energy making it easier to live in the present moment and worry less about the future.


This principle reminds you to express gratitude for all you have. Recognizing the good in your life helps foster more positive energy.


This principle aims to help recognize how you have been more conscious about appreciating your present life.


This fifth principle shows how being kind to others helps you receive positive energy. It also involves being gentle to oneself, which is essential for spiritual healing.

How to Live by the Reiki Principles Daily?

Reiki practitioners believe that Reiki principles help promote spiritual and personal growth. Practicing these principles more regularly lets you feel the emotions and integrate them into your everyday life.


The first principle helps focus on improving your relationship with anger. To incorporate this principle in your daily life, first say aloud or to yourself, "just for today, I release angry thoughts," think about when you felt angry today. Past events that made you angry and compared your emotions, ask your higher self to help you release the angry thoughts, and finally, take deep breaths imagining letting the anger out as you breathe out.


Repeat the second principle to yourself; think of when you felt worried today and compare your feelings to a similar scenario in the past. Allow your higher self to let go of these worries and take two breaths. In each exhale, think of it as releasing the worry energy. It is not just an alternative medicine; it improves your physical and spiritual healing.


The third principle involves the act of being grateful. To express it, say the principle aloud or to yourself. Think about every positive scenario or person, express gratitude for each, and allow your heart to feel the fullness of each thought.


This Reiki principle involves the acknowledgment of your mindfulness. Start by saying the principle to yourself, then visualize when you have recently been mindful of yourself, such as taking a walk to meditate, being grateful, and being present in the moment.


The fifth principle helps you reflect on when you were unkind, how it made you feel, and then let go of those emotions. Repeat the principle to yourself, think of any regret you feel about being unkind, ask your higher self to let go of the negative energy, take two breaths, and release the energy in each exhale.

The five Reiki principles purpose of promoting the natural healing of your Reiki energy. Partaking in Reiki sessions with a trained Reiki practitioner creates more balance in your everyday life and boosts your sense of well-being.

Find Peace and Balance in your Life Using Reiki Principles

Reiki practitioners claim that the practice can result in physiological changes helping us determine what we feel. The happiness we experience results from how some parts of the brain communicate with the rest of the brain. Still, Reiki treatment alters this communication system and makes the happy feelings stay longer. You can have higher energy levels by healing the energy centers in your brain.

The principle of Reiki's intention is to help us live in the present and steer us away from anxiety and worry. They can be helpful to you during your meditation, thus allowing us to create a framework for our feelings and beliefs.

Reiki healing helps us live in the present moment and do away with future worries, positively helping us live each day. They help us understand our innermost self, do away with the guilt dragging us behind, and love and accept ourselves. This practice brings about unknown peace and balances into your life, helping you take steps and make comfortable decisions.

Begin your Reiki Healing Touch Journey with Mending Hands

We offer Usui Reiki sessions and Healing Touch Therapy at Mending Hands. Book with us and begin your energy work as we help you reconnect with your inner self and walk with you throughout your healing journey. Usui Reiki is a form of healing energy that helps promote good health. We alleviate your stress, depression, and anxiety, get your immune system back to its optimum state and remove your pain. Reiki Works! Let us restore the healthy energy flow that made you better before and even introduce ways to keep illness at bay. Contact us today and start your journey.

Healthcare professionals have acknowledged that the use of Reiki has helped improve their patients' health. At Mending Hands, we will work to identify and restore your life energy flow for your healing.

We work with your energy field to facilitate physical, emotional, and spiritual self-healing and bring happiness.

We walk with you from the first step as you schedule your session to the last. We start you off with five sessions to reboot your energy centers and accelerate your healing process. After the five sessions, you are scheduled for monthly Reiki sessions until you achieve good, lasting results with which you are satisfied.

Visit us at Mending Hands, 274 Sweetwater Bridge Circle, Douglasville, GA, 30134, United States, or reach us by 404-828-0790.

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