I have known Emily for several years now and can say that she has helped me with relieving migraines and body stress on several occasions.
Emily’s gentle touch and extensive knowledge always impresses me along with her ability to target and alleviate stress in my body. She always knows just what to do to assist my healing process.
I highly recommend Emily for her therapeutic healing touch being the recipient of her help on numerous occasions.
— Dawn Valdez, RN
christine scarborough.jpg
I took a Reiki I class from Emily and she was amazing. She’s a very kind and loving instructor. Definitely recommend!
— Christine Scarborough
Brooke Rodriguez.jpg
Emily is an incredible soul with amazing energy. Calming, and grounded. It is evident in her work that she is following her path of healing others. I am so grateful to have joined her on her journey. You must visit Emily for a Reiki session or class
— Brooke R. Rodriguez
Tambria Banks.jpg
Emily is awesome! I received my Level 1 Reiki Training through her and it was a pure blessing. She is amazing at what she does.
— Tambria Banks
genevieve harris.jpg
Emily is caring and focused on helping people.
— Genevieve Harris, Owner of Keep it Moving Yoga and Barre
Shawanna Denise.jpg
Emily is AMAZING! I had my first session with her and she was able to access parts of myself that I never knew could be blocked. Afterward, I felt calm and more grounded. I loved my sessions with her so much so that I attended all 3 levels of her Reiki classes. Each class has taught me so much about myself and how I can help others through this healing work. Thank you, Emily, for your love and compassion for this work. I highly recommend her for Reiki sessions and Reiki Classes!
— Shawanna Denise, HealthCoach
Kim pic 1.jpg
Emily has a great gift of healing and teaching others to heal. Reiki is a soul changing practice and it takes someone with a special gift to teach it. I did levels 1,2 and 3 with Emily and she creates such a peaceful, healing environment to learn Reiki in. I highly recommend taking this class even if it is just for yourself.
— Kimberlie Johnson