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How Quickly Will Energy Healing Work

Energy healing employs a practice known as “laying on hands” to help balance or correct the energy fields. Despite the thought of “touch” the hands are normally hovered over the patient’s body and may not physically touch them.

Energy healing is based on a theory that the human mind, emotions, and body together form an energy field that is complex. According to energy healing, a balanced energy field results in good health while an imbalance on the field represents illness. Research shows that energy healing may lessen anxiety, reduce pain, and heal wounds.

Why the energy field

Although scientists may differ on the theory of the energy field, the same concept forms part of different modes of healing. In ancient systems of medicine in China and India, the energy field represents life energy. The energy field exists within the human body, and helps in maintaining psychological, spiritual, and physiological functions. In China, the energy is referred to as qi (“chee”) while in India it is called prana.

How energy healing works

There are two theories on how energy healing works:

One theory states that pain associated with emotionally or physically painful experience such as injury or infection stays in the cells. The pain that is within the cells is known to be disruptive and prevents other cells from functioning properly and this causes diseases. Practitioners believe energy healing promotes overall health by restoring coordination between all cells.

The other theory is based on quantum physics. As blood circulates in the body it produces an electromagnetic field; remember blood contains iron. According to this second theory, there was a time when everyone could see the electromagnetic field but these days only those who practice energy healing have developed the ability to see it.

Energy healing is based on the concept that good health needs a balanced flow of energy. Practitioners of energy healing say they sense imbalances in the patient’s energy field and send them healthy energy. When receiving energy healing, the patient feels warmth, pain relief, and relaxation.

There are eight regions within the body where the energy can be sensed; heart, lower abdomen, stomach, throat, feet, knees, and sacral region. The patient who receives energy healing is said to be the healer as the practitioner only helps patients body’s healing mechanisms to be activated.

When are the effects of the treatment felt?

The deep relaxation related to energy healing is said to be the cause of improved health of patients. People who have undergone energy healing report that they feel the effects of the process immediately after the session. The process also has no documented side effects that are dangerous.

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