1 Session
Initial Session - $85 (1.5 hours)
Following Sessions - $65 (1 hour)

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What’s Healing Touch Therapy?

Healing Touch Therapy employs the gift of touch with the

aim of influencing the body's energy system and specifically

the energy field around the body as well as the energy

centers responsible for the flow between the energy field

and the body itself.

It is a non-invasive intervention that uses the practitioner’s

hands to energize, balance, and clear the energy fields

around the human body thereby affecting mental, spiritual,

and physical health. It is solely based on a caring relationship

that is heart-centered (full of compassion and light) where

the practitioner and patient come together energetically so

as to facilitate healing and good health.

The main goal of Healing Touch treatment in relation to

health is to restore harmony and balance within the energy

system, placing the patient in a position that allows their

body to heal itself.

The practice has been used as treatment in a wide variety of Health conditions:

- Cardiovascular disease

- Stress

- Psychotherapy/PTSD Treatment

- Cancer

- Endocrine/Immune functionality

- Depression/Anxiety

- Post-operative Healing

- Chronic/Acute Pain

Appointments or Information:

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Email: emily@mending-hands.com