Healing Touch and the Impact on Stress Relief

Healing touch treatment is a relaxing and energy nurturing therapeutic therapy. The gentle touch involved assists in balancing the patient’s mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being. It works with the body’s energy fields in supporting the patient’s natural ability to heal. The process is safe for patients of all ages and works harmoniously with modern medicine.

How Healing Touch can benefit you:

Reduces stress

The common report after a healing touch session is that patients feel deep relaxation as well as some sense of peacefulness. Such effects have clearly come out in numerous satisfaction surveys by both practitioners and patients. With the modern lifestyle where stress is common, getting the opportunity to feel peaceful is beneficial. Some patients who have received the healing touch treatment say that it feels like experiencing deep meditation without much effort or training.

Calming depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety have become common aspects of today’s society. Healing touch therapy helps in alleviating some of the suffering that they cause. In some studies, the symptoms of depression based on a standard test were reported to decrease on patients undergoing healing touch therapy. While another study conducted on heart patients, it was realized that healing touch treatment reduces their anxiety when done before a hospital procedure.

Deepens spiritual connection

In many ways, spirituality describes a person’s essence. The therapeutic process of healing touch works with the energy fields of people who have a “spiritual; layer thereby resulting in a heart that is centered in the interaction between the practitioner and patient.

Creates a sense of well-being

As mentioned earlier, healing touch treatment is based on the energy fields that permeate the patient’s emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical aspects. The interaction that is centered on the heart helps in creating a sense of well-being for both the patient and practitioner.

Enhances recovery from surgery

In certain studies, patients who had undergone abdominal surgery showed significant levels of recovery, gastrointestinal, lung, as well as activity status in addition to feeling relaxed when they underwent touch healing therapy. They also reduced the intake of narcotic pain medication.

No side effects

Since healing touch treatment is non-invasive, it poses no threats. However, when using the treatment on small children, practitioners watch out for non-verbal cues. Emotional trauma may be experienced during treatment, and the practitioner will stop treatment when asked by the patient. More than anything, disorientation, lightheadedness, or mild sedation may be experienced by susceptible people due to the deep relaxation that occurs during the healing process.