How Does Healing Touch Work

Healing touch is an application of ancient forms of treatment that employs the laying-on of hands. The practitioner uses their hands on the patient’s energy field so as to bring the field into harmony and balance. The therapeutic process is based on the theory that all living beings, humans included are energy systems and all have energy fields that constantly interplay with the surrounding environment.

Healing Touch was developed in the 1970’s as a method of healing and has over the years been taught to thousands of people, most of who are health professionals especially nurses.

How Healing Touch works

One of the assumptions of healing touch is that the human body is an energy field. It is thought that the energy field surrounds the body or goes further into the lines of the theory of relativity or quantum physics that consider the body to contain pure energy since matter is energy. The assumption is a question to the level of interpretation. However, all physical illness is perceived to be an imbalance in the energy field caused by the disorder.

The other assumption of healing touch is that the body and its energy fields just like the universe have innate tendencies towards order. It sounds like a common statement but is fundamental though we tend to be unconscious to. Imagine what would happen if the earth started moving towards the sun or the planets move away from their orbits. That is a disorder, and as the examples may seem out of place when there are disorders in your body you don’t find it funny.

The intent of the healing touch practitioner is therefore to find a way of restoring the order within the energy field. The intention is a key factor in the healing touch process.

Another assumption to the healing touch therapy is that humans are bilaterally symmetrical, not only physically but also in the energy field. If the energy on your shoulders is imbalanced, it is a sign of an energy disorder. Whether the imbalance is a physical strain, back problem, nervous tension, bursitis, or something else it is irrelevant as there is no diagnosis and the condition may as well improve.

What Should I expect during treatment?

The practitioner uses their hands to access the energy field just a few inches from the body. Once they have a sense of the field and any possible imbalances, they “unruffle” the field; it is more like straightening an uneven or wrinkled blanket. The process helps in clearing any blockages and also gets the stagnant energy moving thereby resulting in relaxation.