Healing Touch and Its Impact on Headaches and Pain

Healing touch is a treatment therapy that practitioners use their intent and hands to promote healing and health. It only employs the near-body or light touches that influence the energy fields that surround the body. Several types of energy medication use similar techniques in influencing the fields by placing hands through the fields, near-body or light touches.

Conditions it is used for

Since the healing touch treatment only needs a practitioner and a receptive patient, it can be used in treating any ailment or condition. Hospitals the world over are now adopting healing touch therapy to help in preparing patients for chemotherapy, surgery, and other procedures that are known to invoke anxiety. Other common conditions for which healing touch is used include headaches, chronic pain, migraines, sleep disturbances, and generalized anxiety among others. The therapy has proven useful for patients who are in pain but cannot bear the traditional touch or massage such as burn patients or those suffering from fibromyalgia.

Where healing touch is useful

Pain relief and relaxation are the two most immediate effects of healing touch therapy. Therefore the treatment is ideal for any condition that may be aggravated by pain or stress. Other known effects are improved circulation of blood, increase hemoglobin levels, reduced anxiety, improved sleep as well as well-being.

The process is also said to make the passing process easy as it allows the patient to die peacefully. The process can also be used during birth on both parents as well as the newborn. There is actually no stage in human life that the healing touch process cannot be used.

Decreasing pain

Numerous studies have been conducted with the aim of identifying the effects of healing touch treatment chronic as well as acute pain. For the most part, it has been found that the treatment process immensely decreases pain in both conditions.

Support cancer care

Being diagnosed with cancer causes feelings of anxiety, loss, and fear. Cancer treatment focuses on the destruction of active cancer cells which in turn impacts on the patient's healthy tissues. Healing touch treatment helps in providing a supporting environment for patients undergoing cancer treatment as it helps decrease side effects such as pain and enhances the patient’s quality of life. Some cancer treatments such as chemotherapy are very painful.

Easing chronic and acute conditions

Healing touch treatment is very effective when used as a complimentary therapy in the management of chronic as well as acute conditions or diseases that are incurable. In such conditions, healing touch therapy supplements traditional health care to help in facilitating the body’s natural healing and defense.