The Benefits of Reiki & Healing Touch Therapy

  • Intense Relaxation, which stimulates Healing and Restoration of all body systems

  • Decreased Anxiety and Stress

  • Decreased Pain or Discomfort, including Headache/Migraine/Back Pain relief

  • Reduced inflammation 

  • Decreased Time in Healing from an Injury, Surgery and/or Illness

  • Increased Mental and Physical Energy

  • Increased Mental and Emotional Clarity

  • Increased Sense of Well-being and a feeling of Serenity

  • A Positive Shift in Health and Personal Relationships

  • Increased Personal Insight and Awareness

  • Increased Ability to manage changes and assist in Personal Growth

  • Increased Sense of Spiritual Clarity and Connection


This therapy is intended as a complement

and enhancement to, rather than a replacement for, conventional medicine.

While receiving treatments from me, you should always continue to seek

and follow the advice of your regular M.D./D.O., P.A./N.P.,

or any other qualified medical professional.